How to Choose A Floor Mat? Graplife produces what's suitable for you

How to Choose A Floor Mat?  Graplife produces what's suitable for you

Is the floor outside the bathroom so wet when you stepped out of the shower? Is it so wet when you go home from outside on a raining day? The best solution is to place a floor mat outside the bathroom or outside the door. And what we will share is how to choose a floor mat, especially the fit for you.

It is vitally important to learn about the characteristics and uses of different materials if you want to find the right mat. There are seven different materials we will talk about today: They are silk circle material, pvc leather material, technology velvet material, Lamb's fleece material, cake fleece material, Suction cup material, and Diatomaceous earth material.


  • silk circle material


Silk ring with high density, good effect of scraping mud and sand

Silk soft and flexible, can relieve the pressure on the foot, not stuck door

PVC non-slip foam bottom, fit the ground, not easy to move

Can be cut at will

Suitable area: entry foyer and entrance floor

  • PVC leather material


Anti-dirt and anti-oil, wear-resistant and durable

Time-rebound material, soft and flexible

Non-slip rubber bottom, fits the ground, not easy to move

Can be cut at will

Suitable area: entrance hall and kitchen floor

  • technological velvet material


Good water absorption

Flexible texture, comfortable feet

Easy to wash and clean up

Rubber bottom is solid and non-slip

Suitable area: bathroom and kitchen floor

  • lamb's fleece material


Dense fleece, soft and comfortable

Firm pile, short wool is not easy to lose

Multiple printing styles

Non-slip dot glue at the bottom, fit the ground, not easy to move

Suitable area: bedroom and living room floor

  • cake fleece material


 long fleece, soft and thick

Suitable area: bedroom, bathroom

  • Suction cup material


stable, non-slip

Suitable area: Bathroom

  • diatomaceous earth material


Good water absorption effect

Easy to clean and take care of

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Stable, non-slip

Suitable area: outside bathroom, kitchen, entrance hall and floor indoor

Today, there is a miraculous artifact we hope you keep it in home, that is, a mat made with the last kind of material, named stone bath mat.

What is the topic become hotter and hotter recently? Yeah, Sustainable Development Goals(SDG). You can wonder how easy we can achieve the goal if more and more people participate in the program in daily life. Therefore, there are many manufacturers produce some green and carbon-free product. Stone bath mat is one of green products. You can also participate in and follow up the SDG program if you choose green product which made with carbon-free material. And diatomaceous earth (stone) bath mat can also be a win-win. Not only you can use it to absorb the water from your feet or dishes, while you also contributes to the Sustainable Development because you choose a energy-saving and zeo-carbon bath stone mat.

Here, you can think about Graplife stone bath mat after you learn more about it.

Graplife's diatomaceous earth mats are not only practical but also stylish. They come in a range of colors and designs, making it easy to find a mat that complements any interior decor. The mats are also easy to install and maintain, with a long lifespan.

One of the main advantages of Graplife diatomaceous earth mats is their water absorbency nature. The porous structure of the material allows it to quickly absorb moisture, humidity, and odors, making it ideal for use in areas prone to dampness and moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, diatomaceous earth mats have an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect, making them a perfect choice for environments where hygiene is a top priority, such as pool side,or hotel bathroom.

If more people choose green and energy-saving product, we believe that it is faster to make it true to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal which will build a more beautiful planet. And If you have not a better choice now, why not give an opportunity to Graplife? Graplife stone bath mat is a practical and eco-friendly flooring solution that you won't regret.