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Welcome to my one-stop stone bath mat store, we specialize in providing high-quality stone bath mat. You will get the best services and products here. Bye to moisture, hi to clean and dry.

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Love it so far!

Got this a week or so ago and have loved it so far! Feels way better than an always damp bathmat, and is totally non-slip. Will see how it lasts but so far in a big fan!

JOHN DOE - Chief Exclusive Officer

Its a personal choice

Definitely like the product description, your feet dry as soon as you step on it, if you have ever been out in nature near waterfalls , how your wet feet dry when you atep on nearby stones specially if they are hot or warm, this mat will remind you of that. It is a stone after all so no bending and make sure you are not clumsy to hit your feet . If you do not wear footwears in bathroom you may probbaly hurt yourself sometimes. Not me though. But overall i liked the product. It feels different too .

KATIE HAMMER - Product Director

Works Great for Drying Dishes

Very happy with this product and the quality after just 2 weeks. Using for drying dishing after noticing some mildew on my previous microfiber drying mats. I would definitely recommend. Sent another grey one to my mom as a gift bc I loved it so much. See color comparison of the lighter option vs lighter grey (not the dark grey). I would definitely recommend to my clients with mycotoxin issues.

LENNY BRAHAM - Product Designer

No more wet bath mats!

Love this for our household! 4 adults meant constantly-wet bath mat, so we decided to switch out to this. Dries quickly depending on how much water, typically within secs for surface dry and about 10-20 mins for full dry. The grit lines didn’t bother me, and they gave more surface to dry. Easy to clean and don’t need to be cleaned often


Penny J

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