Daily Goodies: Graplife Diatomite Foot Mat - interesting and magical

Daily Goodies: Graplife Diatomite Foot Mat - interesting and magical

Have you ever accidentally fallen down due to the wet and slippery floor? So did I.

 I was slipped and fell on the floor when I stepped out of the bathroom after a shower. Water filled my feet and the floor is slippery, so it was easy to fall. Later, I bought a cloth mat on floor outside the bathroom. Feel better, but it usually needs to be washed and dried every month to prevent the growth of bacteria. However, there is an even more miraculous stone mat was found when I visit my friend’s house. I was curious about this stone slab, so I searched and looked for this kind of stone after coming back and I chose one from Graplife. I don’t believe how absorbent it is and decide to learn more about it.

What is it?

People often want to use the wool pad to prevent falling down after doing shower, but the ordinary wool pad looks very thick, in fact, the absorbency performance is not so good, also easy to breed bacteria after a long time of use, the later cleaning is also unusually troublesome, the experience of use is really general.

To solve these above problems, a kind of stone mat was produced, that is, Diatomaceous Earth Floor Mats. One special material that is gaining popularity nowadays is diatomaceous earth. This material is a natural substance that has been deposited for millions of years and has a rich microporous structure inside, which makes it very good at absorbing water. Thus, it is ideal to produce mats for excellent absorbency of water.

Graplife offers a innovative and functional mat made from diatomaceous earth, too. These mats are designed to be highly absorbent, dry quickly, and prevent slipping. They are available in various forms, such as bath mats, water bowls mats, dish mats, and plant pot mats etc. You can choose them for any functions on floor or countertop. Graplife mats can help you keep your floor clean and safe.

Graplife Bath Mats

Graplife bath mats are designed to keep your bathroom safe and dry. These mats are highly absorbent and can soak up water quickly, preventing slipping on wet floors. After stepping on it with wet feet, even if it is just a gentle step, most of the water will be quickly absorbed and seeped into the floor mat. The whole process is very natural without having to stay deliberately. This stone shower mat which brings you a  seamless experience is just the real magical indoor artifact.

Graplife Plant Pots Mats

Because of the benefits of raising plants, most people are interested in cultivating flowers and plants, and some of them love to grow them indoors.

The most important feature of indoor plants is their functionality. They play a role in purifying indoor air, removing harmful gases, sterilizing and anti-radiation, and so on. Plants can inhale carbon dioxide and other human respiratory excretions during the day, absorb dust, purify the air and other functions, and are a necessary natural air freshener in family life. Indoor placement of plants can effectively reduce noise and radiation. In addition, indoor plants can sometimes be used as home decoration to improve the texture of the house. The look and feel of living rooms, bedrooms and even hallways can be transformed by indoor plants. But when you keep plants indoors, watering becomes a problem. After watering, the ground is wet and sometimes even wet and dirty due to the soil loosely falling to the ground, which requires time to mop and a bad mood. Now well, this little home tool can be a good solution to this problem.

 graplife stone matgraplife bath matgraplife bathroom mat

Graplife plant pot mats are designed to keep your floors clean and dry. These mats are highly absorbent and can soak up water quickly, preventing it from spilling onto your floors. They are also very easy to clean and can be wiped down with a damp cloth or rinsed off with water.

grapllife plant mat

graplife plant pot mat

graplife floor mat

Graplife Decor Mats

Graplife stone mats are a stylish addition to any corner. The stone texture gives them a unique look and feel, and they are available in a range of colors to match any decor.

In addition to their functionality, Graplife bath mats come in a range of colors and designs, allowing you to choose a style that complements your bathroom decor.

 graplife stone shower mat

Any more?

If you have tried Graplife stone bath mats, welcome to share your experience and leave a comment and we will talk and explore more about the multi uses of this diatom floor mat.